1. If you suffer from dry eye syndrome or have recurrent blepharitis: chalazion or ocular rosacea; you may need quick and lasting daily comfort

2. Only a 10 minutes session leads to the relief of symptoms and improves eyelid health and daily comfort.

3. Moist heat therapy with a wireless device with clear vision. Proven efficacy and safety.


Discover all the benefits of Blephasteam moist heat technology with this video and how to use it at home thanks to tutorial below. Read more 

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Frequently Asked Question

Who can use Blephasteam®?
Blephasteam® can be used by adults(including pregnant and breastfeeding women) and children from 3 years old (with the presence of a parent or carer).
How long does the Blephasteam® warranty last ?
There is a 24 months warranty from the purchase date.
How does Blephasteam® work?
Blephasteam® safely and effectively warms the eyelids to restore the flow of oil (meibum) from the meibomian glands. The heat and moisture provided by Blephasteam® melt the secretions that block the meibomian glands in case of MGD, making it easier to remove the secretions using massage and pressure of the eyelids. Blephasteam® reproduces an environment that naturally enhances tear film quality and stability by reinforcing the thickness of the tear film lipid layer, that improves the eye surface health and daily comfort.


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Théa is an independent family group, developed from a Research and Development start-up by Henri Chibret, a fourth generation member of an ophthalmic dynasty. Jean-Frédéric Chibret has presided over the company since 2008, with Henri Chibret remaining at the head of Théa Holding.


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